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£1 off for World Book Day!

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Today the UK and Ireland celebrate the 24th national World Book Day!

The aim of World Book Day is to promote reading for pleasure whilst providing every child in the UK the opportunity to choose and own their own book. Last year over one million books were gifted to children in the UK in just five weeks!

In previous years Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have been awash with amazing photos of kids in costume, school and library events and people sharing their favourite reads. Sadly, lockdown restrictions have meant that celebrations have had to be put on hold this year. But the good news is that all you really need to celebrate World Book Day is ten minutes and a good book!

As a few people have asked about redeeming vouchers I thought I’d pop the information here.

Schools and nurseries who have registered to take part in World Book Day will still be distributing paper and digital vouchers to ensure that all children can benefit despite current lockdown restrictions. Tokens can also be found in some children’s magazines and on McDonalds Happy meal boxes.

As vouchers cannot be used online I’m unable to accept them as payment. However I am offering £1 off any book until Monday! Simply enter code WBD2021 at checkout and the £1 will be automatically deducted.

So whilst we might not be able to gather in person for book events or play a game of Where’s Wally in the playground, we can still cosy up in a corner with a good book.

And for an introvert book worm like me, that sounds perfect!